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TREEEC CoopInvest - Invest in TREEEC

Invest in TREEEC

Participation in the total also means participation in the parts

The overall system

TREEEC stands as an overall system for a new economy, for new money and a new and better world based on real values, sustainability, cooperation, mutual trust and fairness. TREEEC is open to all, but at the same time a closed system for its members and partners regionally, nationally and internationally. TREEEC wants nothing less than to save our future through practical measures according to a clear plan.

The cooperative

TREEEC eG unites all members and partners on a cooperative basis to form a community that transcends borders: Responsible, value-conscious, sustainable and fair. Within the overall system, it also has the additional task of initiating and coordinating the construction and development of the overall system together with the supporting foundation. This also includes the initial financing in conjunction with investing members.

The innovative instruments

The overall system is based on TREEEC MONEY, an unprecedented alternative currency on an extended block chain basis, and an associated universal clearing system. Innovative projects are to act as a catalyst to accelerate development. The "economic community" of TREEEC, our Ecocosmos, should thereby become a strong and crisis-proof association of companies and people worldwide.

Project description

TREEEC is "ignited" by investment capital raised by TREEEC eG. This includes own system areas, and projects that become legally independent, as well as the participation in other companies that have system relevance and those that expand the TREEEC Ecocosmos.

We are undertaking the largest and most important enterprise in the world. We are also building the new economy for a better world. In this way we save and shape our future - value-based, sustainable and profitable.


In return for their support, the investing members also receive corresponding substantial shares and disproportionate profit opportunities. They shall profit from TREEEC in the long run and will be able to participate in companies of business partners in connection with TREEEC MONEY and T:XCHANGE.

Furthermore, the involvement of institutional investors in connection with the system company and strategic partners for the project areas is an integral part of our business policy. Because in order to build a "Flying Unicorn" and beyond that a new economy and world, it needs all forces and the best and most responsible from all worlds.

The use of financial resources

The financial resources from the sale of the general business shares are used in the following areas:

  • Development of the organisational structure of TREEEC and establishment of the further international capacity to act in connection with the system company (TREEEC Corporation).
  • Establishment of the functional capability of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) and development of the processing platform T:XCHANGE including technical system developments
  • Initiation of the lead projects and integrated main and individual projects through participation in the project companies.
  • Acquisition or strategic participation in companies that are necessary and useful for the development of the system and the realization of the lead projects.
  • Participation in business partners, including start-ups, which use the possibilities of TREEEC and TREEEC MONEY and expand the Ecocosmos of TREEEC.

You are invited

For investors

Start-up Investors

TREEEC offers start-up investors the prerequisites for long-term, valuable, sustainable and profitable investment in individual projects starting at USD 1 million.


Family Offices

TREEEC offers family offices the prerequisites for long-term, valuable, sustainable and profitable investment in the legally independent lead projects from USD 10 million.


Financial Investors

TREEEC offers institutional investors the prerequisites for investment in the overall system in conjunction with TREEEC Corporation from USD 100 million.


For companies

Strategic partners

Strategic cooperation means exclusive partnership with regard to the entire lead project area or in important key areas with a sales volume of 100 million EUR or more on large national markets or internationally.


Project partners

We invite efficient supra-regional companies for project partnership in order to occupy markets and market positions swiftly. Cooperation on a joint venture basis is possible as well as a license or service partner.


Cooperation partners

Cooperation partnership means a long-term cooperation as a service provider within the project areas of TREEEC or as a supplier. Companies can apply for cooperation on a regional and national level.