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Initial Offerings - TREEEC CoopInvest

Initial Offerings

You must be an investing member of TREEEC to participate.

With the launch of the BlueXchange online trading platform investing members of TREEEC can buy and sell their BlueShares through this.

First, BlueShares already existing and previously purchased by members will be made tradable by BlueXCompanies and BlueCompanies from the TREEEC EcoCosmos.

The new admission of BlueShares to trading via BlueXchange from this point on will only take place in the form of a preceding Initial Public Offering within the TREEEC EcoCosmos.

Procedure of an emission

2. Company analysis and company value

The current and future enterprise value of the company is determined on the basis of a due diligence review including the preparation of a cap table.

2. Issue prospectus

A legally binding issue prospectus is formulated together with the company in which TREEEC is participating, based on the BlueShares model. This is a prerequisite for trading at BlueXchange.

3. Roadshow

Within the framework of a so-called roadshow, the issue is advertised on the basis of the issue prospectus. The information will be made available to all members. In addition, the roadshow is intended to sound out the potential interest of "institutional" investing members in the BlueShares.

4. Issue price

After the roadshow, the issue price at which the BlueShares will be offered for sale will be determined.

5. Allocation

Once the issue price has been determined, the BlueShares will be offered for subscription publicly in the TREEEC EcoCosmos. During a previously determined subscription period, potential investors commit themselves to a certain number of shares. If demand for BlueShares exceeds supply, the issue is "oversubscribed". Then the Board of Directors of TREEEC eG determines how the BlueShares are allocated.

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