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BlueShares for the BlueEconomy

For companies of (almost) every kind worldwide.
For investors completely new possibilities.

The BlueShares* are the universal “world shares”.

We connect companies with the most innovative and important investment market in the world.

* TREEEC inside.

Together everything is possible.


BlueShares for the BlueEconomy

The economy of the future needs financing possibilities of the future

A platform for start-ups has become the most innovative and ambitious project for financing (almost) every type and size of business worldwide. With the BlueEconomy, TREEEC is building the economy of the future, based on responsibility for our world, economy for all, cooperation, value and sustainability.

“Equity quite simple”

Only BlueInvestments are good Investments

Are you a Blue Company or on your way there?

Then get investment capital for your company now.

We are a reliable partner into investment and financing for (almost) every type and size of company worldwide. Not only during or after Corona – also, in any other crises. Prerequisite is the legal form of a corporation* as well as a commitment to BlueEconomy.
*AG, GmbH, UG, Corporation, PLC, Limited, SA, SARL, SAS…

Use all the advantages as a business partner.
If you are not yet a business partner, become a member now.

For start-ups we have our own EcoCosmos of the TREEEC BIZfactory.

Important note:
Only members can receive investment capital. They are also business partners of TREEEC.

Equity quite simple

The easy way to equity capital.

Please enquire without obligation.
You will receive a response within 24 hours.

TREEEC Participation Certificate

The participation certificates will be the new “world shares”.

With CoopInvest, TREEEC has taken the first decisive step towards enabling every company worldwide to offer shares and raise equity capital to private and institutional investors in the legal form of a corporation similar to a stock exchange. As with share trading, in the (near) future its company shares will be quoted at the current price and can be freely traded among market participants in real time.

Participate in regional, national and worldwide companies!

For our investing members this is very easy.

If you are not yet an investing member, become one now!
This is possible as a private person as well as a company or institutional investor.

Only for investing members: Legal basis and requirement is the membership in TREEEC as an investing member (according to § 8 para. 2 GenG of the Federal Republic of Germany and § 4 para. 1 of the statutes of TREEEC eG)

The basics of investing in BlueCompanies

  • The investment objective and opportunities for investors
  •  The cooperative basis under sound German law
  •  The dedicated cooperative shares
  •  The tougher risk classes for real security
  •  Risk diversification and participation in the overall
  •  The expected returns on the dynamic projects
  •  Return on investment

Our Partners

Our mission: a new economy and a better world.

TREEEC. New money. New economy. New world.

We don't just invest in any projects – because TREEEC is a complex system and overall project that develops and realizes worldwide solutions for the problems of mankind – as well as solutions for each individual. Members participate directly in this.

The value-based foundation through TREEEC MONEY

The alternative currency based on real values on a block-tree basis and the associated clearing system is the basis for the complex solutions of TREEEC. Members not only have the security and the benefit, but also the profit from it.

The TREEEC lead projects as catalysts

Key projects developed by TREEEC, which connect countries and regions economically and occupy market positions for responsible and sustainable, but at the same time profitable business, are ready to start and already underway. Projects by members and partners are being added.