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TREEEC CoopInvest for Businesses - TREEEC CoopInvest

TREEEC CoopInvest for companies

The easy way to equity capital

With TREEEC you can finance yourself as a member company through securities according to our cooperative model.

For companies of (almost) any kind and size worldwide we are a reliable partner for participation and financing – not only during or after Corona and in other crises. Prerequisite is the legal form of a corporation* and the commitment to the BlueEconomy.

*AG, GmbH, UG, Corporation, PLC, Limited, SA, SARL, SAS…

With a cooperative model, we have made corporate financing via equity capital very simple - with our own global EcoCosmos for investors and investment companies, with standardised and fair contracts, and with the TCP, the TREEEC Participation Certificate.

With this participation certificate, we create a security linked to cooperative shares that can be freely traded among members, the “world share” for every company in the form of a corporation. In the next step we combine this with our alternative TREEEC MONEY and integrated Smart Contracts on a block-tree basis. Our EcoCosmos knows no boundaries.

The advantages of this investment for companies

Corporate Financing

You need equity capital for your company? With TREEEC, corporate financing becomes very easy and you get real equity.


  • The process is simple.
  • You get the capital you need.
  • All other financing options are integrated.
  • Investors can sell their shares at any time, without any problems for you.
  • We participate in companies in DACH and many other countries.

Investors worldwide

It is very easy to invite investors from all over the world to invest in your company through TREEEC.


  • You reach investors worldwide.
  • The processing is cost and time saving.
  • The financing instrument is based on the solid German cooperative law.

Trustworthy for investors

Investors want to invest in a company they can trust. They can already do this through their association with TREEEC and the cooperative principle of trust. We have also developed our own rating.

But don’t worry; we will help you to meet the requirements and help you to optimise. Furthermore, we represent the interests of investors “in one hand”. That’s why you only have to deal with TREEEC.


  • The connection with TREEEC and its rating gives investors security.
  • You are only dealing with TREEEC as far as investor interests are concerned.
  • TREEEC is a fair partner, for you and your investors.

Company participation and TPC certificate

In order to make our company participations simple, we use participation certificates linked to cooperative shares in our cooperative EcoCosmos, which are issued in connection with the participation in your company.

The underlying atypical silent partnership agreement is broken down into small pieces, as it were. This results in tradable and transferable securities among TREEEC members, similar to shares.

Any company that is registered as a corporation* in the commercial register - and becomes a business partner of TREEEC - can use the participation in your company. With the functionality of TREEEC MONEY and T:XCHANGE an “economic community” is created, which connects companies and people worldwide.
*AG, GmbH, UG, Corporation, PLC, Limited, SA, SARL, SAS ...

How it works with TREEEC

All facts at a glance

You want to know more?
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  • Standardised contract on the basis of German law
  • All provisions of traditional participation agreements including downround protection are included
  • Equity with full economic participation in profit and loss on the basis of an atypical silent partnership
  • Pro rata participation in profit distributions to shareholders
  • Exit participation in IPO, share deal, asset deal or liquidation
  • No voting rights, but control and participation rights
  • Right to regular reporting and KPI reporting
  • Freely transferable shares among members, providing constant liquidity for investors

Usecase: Company participation

Practical application

7 simple steps you need to take

  • Make contact: you contact us, give us some basic information and we will tell you whether you meet the requirements for an equity investment based on your details.
  • Advice from TREEEC: we explain all legal and technical details of the participation model and answer your questions.
  • Preparation of documents: together with you, we prepare all necessary documents and the participation contract, and additionally check which advantageous financing possibilities (e.g. subsidies) still exist.
  • Shareholders’ resolution: after all questions have been clarified and we have made you a binding offer to enter into a contract, the management and all shareholders of your company or the supervisory board will sign the participation contract which is ready to be signed.
  • Provision of the presentation page: together with you, we set up the obligatory presentation page on CoopInvest for your company and activate the participation offer for our investing members.
  • Onboarding of investors: you send your investors an invitation link via TREEEC. As investing members, investors can complete their investment completely online. In addition, we inform our investor network about your offer.
  • Provision of the investment capital: due to our participation model, you do not have to wait until the end of the investment offer’s term, but receive the capital already in tranches when certain thresholds are reached. Done! *

* One more note: We also participate with general investment capital in certain cases, in addition to the investment offer to investors specifically for your company.

That’s why it’s worth it for you!

The 7 advantages


You save time and effort.

With TREEEC this is easier, faster and better, and we also have all other financing options in focus for you. No matter how small or large your company is, we are your partner.


The cooperative basis.

Our participation model and our participation certificates are based on German cooperative law and have cooperative shares as their basis. Our investing members form a community on a secure basis of trust.


Further financing at any time

Once you are our business partner and need additional equity capital, you can always arrange further financing rounds through CoopInvest.


We’re protecting your interests.

Even if we participate in the economic success and development of your company, we remain outside the commercial register. We’ll see to it that you are always king of the castle.

Follow-up financing

We pull out all the stops for you.

We also support you with further possibilities for advantageous financing – for example, if you want to use our commitment model or if subsidies prove to be useful.


New innovative shares.

We have created the innovative BlueShares on a cooperative basis, which can be easily transferred. This offers investors considerably better liquidity and flexibility.

A complete package at a fair price

Complete, fair and more.

Your costs are manageable, because we offer you a complete package. You don’t have to pay any lawyer or notary fees or additional costs – everything is included in the price.

Connected to the


“We stir up Startup.”

The turbo for start-ups and young companies

We have created the BIZfactory for start-ups and young companies. This is a turbocharger on a cooperative basis to promote innovative companies – with unique and incomparable advantages. In connection with TREEEC MONEY new possibilities of financing, business development and cooperation are created.