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BIZfactory - TREEEC CoopInvest


"We think startup."

400 million startups worldwide
100 000 new in Germany each year
…and we want them (almost) all.

The turbo for start-ups and young companies

We have created the BIZfactory for start-ups and young companies. This is a turbocharger on a cooperative basis to promote innovative companies. With unique and incomparable advantages. In connection with TREEEC MONEY new possibilities of financing, business development and cooperation are created.

The community for cooperation

The BIZ community is the community of all those who want to cooperate economically and support each other. It also includes consultants, advisors and investors, as required by developing and growing young and innovative companies.

Application to the BIZfactory

Prerequisite for the use of BIZfactory is the membership as "Business Partner" in TREEEC, the cooperative of innovative minds … and the new money.

It is very easy to become a member and use BIZfactory - if you convince us. It doesn't matter whether you are still at the very beginning and perhaps don't even have an idea, are in the middle of building up or a huge success is already in sight. In any case, TREEEC and the BIZfactory are useful for you.

After the application one of our startup advisors will contact you in any case. You don't have to worry about someone just moving in on you.

We'll talk about everything else then.

We look forward to hearing from you. Start up!

Legal basis of membership

TREEEC eG is a registered cooperative with its registered office in Berlin, Germany, which accepts various types of members in the category "Investing Members" in accordance with § 8 (2) GenG, § 4 (1) of the articles of association and the resolutions of the general assembly. Economically active persons and companies fall as members under the "Business Partners" category.

There is a separate funding area for start-ups. At TREEEC, startups are young entrepreneurs and companies whose current project is no older than three years. Members who use the BIZfactory are also automatically users of the BIZCOM area for all business partners. According to § 5 of the articles of association, an admission fee is charged; in addition, a fixed minimum number of cooperative shares must be subscribed. The amount of the admission fee and the number of cooperative shares to be subscribed to is determined by the cooperative. The price list for start-ups can be found here

Costs of membership


1 Obligatory cooperative share
12 EUR

Admission fee (including one member of the management)
1.200 EUR

Each additional member of the management
300 EUR

Sole proprietor

1 Obligatory cooperative share
12 EUR

Admission fee
600 EUR

Annual fees or running costs for membership are not charged. Fees are charged for special services.

Equity capital
about TREEEC CoopInvest

Basic price
3.000 EUR

2,5% the amount of financing

Events & Activities

Participation in our own information and training events is free of charge or on a cost price basis.

Consulting services

(in conjunction with duly accredited consultants)

Services with advantageous prices

(depending on type and scope)

  • Tax consultancy
  • Legal advice
  • Management consultancy
  • Marketing and advertising consulting
  • PR consulting
  • Graphics & Design
  • Security consulting

Free services

  • Financial consulting
  • Subsidy consulting
  • Insurance consulting

We also mediate services in the following areas: technical development, design and engineering services, prototyping, IT and software development, personnel services, recruitment, etc.