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The basics of investing in Blue Companies - TREEEC CoopInvest

The basics of investing in Blue Companies

The investment objective and opportunities for investors

The aim is to build up a broadly diversified portfolio of investments in companies regionally, nationally and worldwide from all economic competence areas of TREEEC according to the principles of the BlueEconomy.

  • Private investors can participate as investing members in general or project-oriented.
  • This gives companies access to innovative business models and new sales opportunities.
  • Institutional investors can supplement their portfolio in a value-oriented, sustainable and profitable manner.

The cooperative basis

TREEEC eG is a cooperative under German law, which makes investments in its own name and on its own account. Investing members can acquire cooperative shares and thereby participate in TREEEC.

  • Investments are made only in member companies of the cooperative
  • Examination of the projects by the investment advisory board and according to cooperative rules and the principles of TREEEC
  • Regular monitoring by the cooperative auditing association and the supporting foundation

The dedicated cooperative shares

In addition to the general cooperative shares with a participation in TREEEC as a whole, the dedicated cooperative shares serve the investment of TREEEC in projects defined for this purpose.

Minimum requirements of the investment projects:

  • The company is a corporation
  • Compliance with the principles of the BlueEconomy
  • Proof of concept is available
  • Competent management in existence or under development

The harder risk classes for real security

The classification of TREEEC, which is based on recoverability, sustainability and future viability (WNZ Index), differs fundamentally from the classification of financial products in the risk classes used by the financial industry or consumer protection organisations.

In contrast to the financial sector, TREEEC has "harder" classifications.

Investment opportunities are offered exclusively in the following four risk classes:

  •     A "security oriented"
  •     B "conservative"
  •     C "profit-oriented"
  •     D "speculative"

Legal notice: The acquisition of this investment may involve considerable risks and may lead to the complete loss of the assets invested.

The expected return

TREEEC enters into genuine entrepreneurial investments. Due to the selection of projects according to value, sustainability and future viability, a solid to disproportionate performance can generally be expected.

Investing members can achieve returns in three ways:

  • from the growing enterprise value
  •     from the profit participations
  •     from the rising share value

Return on investment

The investing member has various options available to him/her to get his/her investment paid out with a return.

TREEEC offers three possibilities of layering:

  • Sale of the shares via an own online trading platform (from January 2022)
  • Termination (at the earliest) at the end of the third full financial year after acquisition of the shares
  • Exchange for: "general cooperative shares" or for shares of KTP BlueCapital, Inc.