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Investment Strategy - TREEEC CoopInvest

Investment strategy and areas

The investment areas are based on TREEEC's areas of competence and lead projects. At TREEEC, the analogue, i.e. real world, and digital world are not in opposition, but form a symbiosis. Digital solutions should make business more sustainable, simpler and accessible to everyone and make real life easier for everyone. The creation of real values and real utility values according to the principles of the BlueEconomy is decisive for us.

In addition to TREEEC's own exemplary projects, which were developed with a view to value, sustainability and future viability, investments are made in companies that also meet these criteria. At the same time, it must be possible to particularly promote them in the TREEEC ecosystem and their services must benefit the members and users of TREEEC regionally, nationally or worldwide in a meaningful way.

The Investment Advisory Board

The Investment Advisory Board is made up of representatives of TREEEC WORLD PROJECT and the supporting foundation as well as external experts who have experience with corporate investments. The task of this committee is to select suitable projects that are suitable for TREEEC and CoopInvest and to recommend to the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board the amount of the investment and the measures for support and promotion.

The investment control

The investment control is the task of the controlling department of TREEEC in the respective country of the associated company together with auditors of the KTP TREEEC Group. Quarterly reports of the associated company supplemented by the results of the investment control are obligatory.

Jörg Rüdiger Fischbeck

Chairman Investment control

Trained business economist and tax expert as well as foundation trustee. For many years: lecturer at various chambers of industry and commerce in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Auditor in DEGP e.V.

The investment period

TREEEC's participations are usually laid out on a long-term basis. Even in the case of a partial, very extensive or complete exit, we endeavour to continue the cooperation for the benefit of our members.