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About - TREEEC CoopInvest

TREEEC eG is a cooperative under German law. It unites all TREEEC users regionally, nationally and internationally as members.

The investment conditions apply to investing members according to § 8 para. 2 GenG of the Federal Republic of Germany and § 4 para. 1 of the statutes.

At TREEEC, the analogue, i.e. real world, and the digital world are not in opposition but form a symbiosis. Digital solutions should make the economy more sustainable, simpler and accessible for everyone and make real life easier and better for everyone. The creation of real values and real utility values in the sense of our principles for the BlueEconomy is decisive for us.

TREEEC feels an obligation towards its members to exclude the risk of loss as far as possible or at least to limit it to a large extent. For this reason, all associated companies are subject to ongoing monitoring and control by TREEEC.